I'm so, so sorry, my son, he's, well he wasn't always like this, he was once a brave, kind and caring boy, and I hope he'll be that way again someday, before someone kills him and it'll be too late to ever change.

–Lady Riri, to Princess Blue

Lady Riri The Graceful
Former Queen of Carbonville


General Info
Name Lady Riri The Graceful
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5'9"
Current Location Kingdom of Carbonville

Other Info
Family Unkown Husband (†)
Lord Hydro (son)
Great Witch of Roses (sister)
Affiliation Carbonville
Loyalty Princess Blue, Carbonville
Birth Place Carbonville
Born WIP
Death N/A

Lady Riri, the Graceful, is the mother of Lord Hydro, and former Queen of Carbonville. She is known for having a dislike towards her son, Lord Hydro - longing for the days when her husband ruled and she was queen.


Lady Riri is known for her Grace, hence her being known as 'The Graceful'. She is also very generous and kind, as seen when she gives Princess Blue food and medicine during her time as prisoner of Lord Hydro. Riri waited in the Dungeons, until Blue fell asleep, so to not trouble the child, showing her motherly instinct and kindness.







Out of CharacterEdit

She is based on User:Riri25

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